Two Legged Vultures

My daughter and I enjoy our movies. Sometimes our time is wasted on the promise of a good one. Tonight was not one of them.

Movie-A Crooked Somebody

A young man, Michael Vaughn, with the help of his female friend are trying to hit it big. How? Putting grieving individuals in contact with lost loved ones or acquaintances. It’s all a sham. He does not possess the ability to speak with the dead. What he does possess is the ability to play the stats.

One night a man by the name of Nathan, is in the audience and believes that Michael has seen someone whom he had murdered decades earlier. He waits for him after the seminar and kidnaps him.

Believing that Michael knows too much, Nathan is ready to kill Michael in order to keep his crime a secret. Michael being a great manipulator, convinces Nathan to spare him. He promises to help him by bringing peace to the murder victim’s only child.

They travel to together where the victim’s daughter resides and the murder took place. All the while Michael is working his magic on Nathan. Making him believe he is his friend and will bring peace to him, the victim and the victim’s daughter.

Michael now knows the location of the murder victim’s body. He convinces a local television crew to assist him in unearthing the remains, with the promise of a huge story.

Michael has convinced everyone he knew the location of said victim as the victim led him to his remains. Everyone that is except the victim’s daughter. She refuses to speak with Michael.

Michael’s career is set to skyrocket with the news. Interviews are set, book sales increase. Everything he always wanted. But he has a big issue. Keeping Nathan from turning himself in. Nathan’s conscience was getting the better of him.

The victim’s daughter agrees to speak with Michael on live tv. Against the objection of his friend and cohort, Michael agreed. The daughter plays Michael and exposes him for the fraud that he is. Nathan sees everything and realizes that Michael played him also. He kidnaps his cohort and instructs Michael to meet them.

Nathan doesn’t want to repeat mistakes from his past. He wants Michael to know that he intends to turn himself in. Michael tried to convince Nathan to just get on with his life. Despite being shown as a fraud on live tv, he still believed he could grow his business and make it big. Nathan, the man you hate at the start of the movie, you now find yourself feeling pity for. Michael, the one you had high hopes for at the beginning of the movie, turns into a monster.

He cannot allow Nathan to turn himself in. It would ruin him. He beats Nathan to death. His friend and cohort leads him to believe she is on his side. To save her own neck, she blows the whistle on Michael pretending to not know he was a fake.

It’s a story of what happens when people act like vultures. Nathan committed murder during a robbery. Michael committed murder trying to profit from other’s pain. I hate to say this but there’s a lot of vultures like this in the world. A very thought provoking movie. One that makes you think about how our actions impact others. Even ones that seem so minuscule.

2 thoughts on “Two Legged Vultures”

  1. I quite enjoyed this, too. It was an interesting premise, and I liked being able to eventually remember where I recognised these guys from before it drove me nuts (one from Westworld, the other from Mad Men). Glad you both liked this one, I’m finding it hard to find half decent flicks these days that don’t feel like a waste of time or like a chore to watch! x

    1. It did have a great premise and it kept your attention. I so agree. I feel like so many movies anymore are a waste of time!

      It drives me nuts too, to recognize someone and not be able to place from where exactly. I will Google the hell out of it to know! 😂