Food for Thought-One Day

You never know if your struggle might inspire someone. It might be just what someone needs to know-that they are not alone. Or maybe to remember their own fight and strength.

A lot of people do not want to share their struggles as they do not want people to perceive any weakness in them.

That’s where they are wrong. Struggles are where strength is formed.

5 thoughts on “Food for Thought-One Day”

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    Aye people the stuff that we go through in life we shouldn’t be ashamed to experience. We shouldn’t hide the fact that we have gone through certain adversities. These are just battle scares for us that show that whatever came our way we have overcame it and defeated it. However the stuff that we have is to help and bless others. It’s amazing how people are embarrassed of their own past. So instead of learning what needs to be learned from it they hide and don’t face it. This sets up a chain of not learning, overcoming and understanding what they had to experience in life. Alot of people believe that they are going to go through this world of ours unscaved. Sorry you will face hell. Whether you caused it to yourself or someone else done it to you. You will face hell. Just move past it. Pick up the pieces and keep moving forward. Your life is a book that others will read and will draw inspiration, wisdom, knowledge and understanding from that will teach them how to progress in life. Just like you are a book for someone else. Someone else life once was a book for you.