I’m too Old for this Shit

Is it just me or does it seem the older you get, the less tolerable you are of stupid? Seriously! I worked hard and went through ten kinds of hell to get where I am today. My home is my sanctuary. My happy place.

I see people out there that I’m sorry but are nothing but energy suckers. They will take every ounce of whatever you allow and spit you out. There’s a reason I hesitate letting people close to me. I see someone I love dearly struggling and because I love that person, it impacts me as well.

I’m not sure exactly how to tell bad eggs from good ones without taking a chance. Which means opening yourself up. I guess that’s the chance we take when we let people in. Seeing what I have and what others are currently going through makes me leery. I’m too old for this shit!

8 thoughts on “I’m too Old for this Shit”

  1. Late to the party here, thanks to my schedule anymore, but… CAN I GET A HELL YEAH?!?

    The bloodsucking, self-entitled, travel agents for guilt trips & drama queens are epidemic here. It’s the primary reason we’re moving out of state.

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    1. How I’ve missed you! Oh and hell yeah!! Ya know this world has a lot of assholes. I understand the importance of keeping my circle small. It’s so hard to let people in just to get blindsided. I’m a strong woman and an intelligent one. But I have a blessing and a curse with my kind heart. Bloodsuckers seek out kind hearts.

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