There is Strength in Walking Away

This is for anyone who fought for a relationship. For the ones who tried and tried and received far less than what they gave. This is for the ones that finally saw their own worth and walked. Kudos! You got this!

6 thoughts on “There is Strength in Walking Away”

  1. Oh hell yes. I could write a book on this one. Instead of droning on about my own past though, I’ll just say it’s important to truly try in a relationship, BUT, you’ve got to know when to cut your loses too. A long term bad relationship can be devastating psychologically.

  2. Sometimes the right thing is to say no to all romantic relationships indefinitely. People have a harder time accepting that. They’re always supportive when you say you walked away from one bad one, but if you say they ALL are bad for you they go what no? You must keep trying! No, I actually don’t. 🙂❤️

  3. This strikes a cord with me at the moment Laura. You’re right, walking away is difficult, feels like suicide but maybe that’s the only option open for those who struggle for self worth.

    1. Sometimes holding on hurts more than letting go. If someone disrespects you or their actions beat you down, ya gotta walk. Anyone who truly cares about someone, does not try to steal their individuality, their strength, their minds.