Bowling for Rhinos

Friday my work will be crazy busy! I know I will be absolutely exhausted by the end of the night. That’s just fine by me! You see, we are hosting a Bowling for Rhinos fundraiser. If you have not heard about it, I’ll fill you in.

Each year, the AAZK (American Association of Zoo Keepers) sponsors fundraising bowling events around North America. Over 85 AAZK chapters participate throughout the US and Canada. Over 6 million has been raised since 1990. All the money goes to a conservancy in Kenya.

So I will take the ass kicking Friday. Rhinos are one of my favorite animals. I adore all wildlife but there’s something about those rhinos.

I encourage all of you to read the attached articles that give more details about the effort to save this beautiful creature from extinction. Thank you for your time!

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