Newer is not Always Better

I was thinking about how easy it is to access things these days. The digital age and technological advances has brought many changes in the way we receive information and are entertained. Technology has changed how we live. Almost every household has a computer. We now have Smartphones and Smart TVs. We can search for anything our heart desires on Google and retrieve the information in seconds. Kids these days would rather spend hours playing games online with strangers than playing outside with neighborhood kids. Everything these days is easy. It’s all right there for the taking.

But there’s something to be said about going back to the basics. To simpler times. Nostalgia is a beautiful thing. If time travel is possible, I don’t know. But one can relive younger days in so many ways. We forget this. We fall into routine.

I held my first vinyl records today in several decades. I forgot how heavy albums are. The thickness. I have been consumed with my iTunes and only accessing the songs I want to hear in a particular moment. What has gotten lost?

I put the needle to vinyl today. Let the albums play. I didn’t have an arrow button to bypass the songs. In doing so, I rediscovered some old beloved tunes. I was transported to a simpler time. Back to my youth. I think sometimes newer isn’t always better. Many things get lost with being able to attain things so easily. Today was a great reminder of this. It’s crazy that one turntable turned back the hands of time. Even if it was just for a short time.

7 thoughts on “Newer is not Always Better”

  1. When my kids first began to play snippets of songs it annoyed me so much. If you like something why jump around? It’s like they could never finish a whole tune. All the kids were like this, playing a minute of a song, then switching. Drives me NUTZ. Can’t do that with albums. Or it’s a lot harder. No patience. Always searching for something better. That’s the way now.

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