Sometimes finding inspiration to write can be damn near impossible. Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected resources. Sometimes life itself provides! I thought I’d talk about sources of inspiration that I draw from for my blog. Shall we begin?


That’s right. Memes. Sometimes I find a bevy of memes about a particular topic that will inspire me. I can take those memes and just run with it.


I’m sure I’m not alone with this one. Sharing quotes that resonate and then giving my own thoughts on said quote.


It’s no secret. I am very fond of poetry. I read poetry more than anything else. I love to find a poem that speaks to me and share it with others. Sometimes a poem will inspire me to write my own poem about a particular topic.


Duh! This one is self-explanatory!


Probably one I draw least inspiration from. Unless it’s something that ruffles my feathers.


I hate to say it but pain is a great motivator for writing. Some of my best poetry has been inspired by painful events in my life.


Experience, perspective and lessons are always excellent sources for inspiration.


I’ve seen my fair share of health issues. I’ve learned many things over the years because of it. If I can take any of that pain and share my wisdom and it helps others than I’m happy to do so.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes a picture can inspire those words.


Sometimes I cannot find inspiration from any other sources. Then I hear a song. It takes me to another time. Reminds me of some experience and the inspiration flows.

Inspiration can come from some unlikely sources sometimes. Some days writing comes easy. Some days, not so much. When I’m struggling to find inspiration, I seek it out from my list.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration”

  1. For me, I’ve found that just being open to finding inspiration in events, things I watch or read, etc… makes a huge difference in being able to find it. It’s cliche,but you don’t find what you’re not truly looking for. 🙂