When Your Pain Bleeds Out

Everyone must accept responsibility for their actions. Most people have experienced some kind of trauma in their life. Let’s be honest, not all traumas are easy to move on from. Sometimes healing takes much longer than we realize.

Unfortunately, there are many people out there that never recognize the impact such traumas cause. They go on with life, hurting and in turn that hurt bleeds out onto others.

When we hurt, we hurt the ones we love. We take that pain out on those closest to us. Sometimes this is understandable but sometimes it is inexcusable.

I remember my Dad saying, “if you stay with him, you will become like him.” This was many years ago. He was speaking of my daughter’s biological father. I did not understand him at that time, over the years, his words became clearer to me.

Our time and who we choose to spend it with impacts us. Every second, every minute, every hour. The good impacts us and the bad impacts us. If we excuse or choose to overlook the wrong others do, then we are not any better than they are. If we allow ourselves to be mistreated, one day the consequences of said treatment will rear its ugly head.

It’s sad to think that so many people cannot acknowledge the things that they do to cause others pain. But I guess if they couldn’t find the strength to get the help they needed to heal past wounds, this was bound to be the result.

11 thoughts on “When Your Pain Bleeds Out”

  1. Too true. I’ve seen and experienced it over and over.

    What bothers me anymore is that the victim mentality epidemic. You have people being told they’re entitled to lash and hurt others over any perceived injustice. It’s the exact opposite say the world should be moving.