It’s all an Illusion

I was checking out a page on Instagram. It has before/after photos of famous people. Though I understand the photo editing, some were to the extreme. Some had completely different bodies by the time it was all said and done.

Now it does not escape me, that these celebrities must maintain the “Hollywood” standard. This is their bread and butter after all. But an entirely new body? A completely different face?

We have so many young people growing up comparing themselves to something that isn’t even real. They beat themselves up, develop eating disorders to try to look like someone that doesn’t even look like that. It’s all an illusion.

Talk to your daughters. Tell them how beautiful they are. Expose the fallacy that is Hollywood. Teach them to never compare themselves to anyone! Teach them to love who they are. Inside then out!

8 thoughts on “It’s all an Illusion”

  1. You know, the true pics are just as nice as the fake ones. Why can’t people just be happy with themselves? Maybe it’s just me… a little pudge or flaws don’t turn me off…

      1. This is a pretty big topic for me… I never really understood how people deal with themselves until I met my wife. She’s perfect to me. But she’s all wrong to herself…

      2. True.. and realize that Hollywood is completely fake and do what they’re paid to do…

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