Lessons in Life-Choose Wisely

The older I get the more I understand this. I will fight for those I love. What I won’t do is fight alone.

Whether it’s a significant other, a friend or relation. It takes two people to make any relationship work. To fight alone is fighting a losing battle.

All relationships take communication, respect and effort. Someone is either worth it to you or they aren’t. It’s that simple. Time is a precious thing. One shouldn’t spend it foolishly.

6 thoughts on “Lessons in Life-Choose Wisely”

  1. I will never “fight” for a man again. I’ve realized that these dramatic relationships aren’t real love. They’re garbage we’ve been fed from novels and movies, that passion goes with fighting. Nope. My idea of love now is to be with someone kind who makes me feel good and peaceful, and vice versa, not someone who makes me feel knots of anxiety. Horrible!