Intuition, Guardian Angel or Common Sense?

Have you ever walked away from a situation because something inside was screaming at you? Sometimes it’s experience but sometimes it is intuition. Then there are times I truly believe, that we have someone watching out for us.

Have you ever wondered how differently a situation could have turned out had you not listened to your gut? We never know what the result would have been had we chose a different path. One thing I do know. I have had my instincts scream at me about certain individuals in my life. I chose to ignore my gut. Had I listened, I could have saved myself a lot of heartache. My instincts tried to warn me but I would not hear it. I felt I was being judgmental. I wasn’t. I had pieces of a puzzle before me that painted a partial picture.

As I have gotten older, I pay closer attention to my gut. It has always been right. I just needed to listen.

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