Migraines-What a Pain in the Ass

Hi my name is Laura and I’m a migraine sufferer.

Hi Laura!

I never had issues with migraines until my accident. Now I’m plagued with headaches. I know every single time I have a chiropractic adjustment, I will end up with one. Everything I have read suggests that migraines cannot be induced by neck issues. Everything I have experienced says otherwise. I’m not a doctor but I am a professional patient and I slept at a Holiday Inn last night. (Joke)

I am so grateful for my migraine medication. It really does help. There are some occasions where I have to take more than one dose to kill the migraine but at least it does it’s job! There is one side effect. I get loopy on it. Yup! Like I just took a few muscle relaxers. That can be nice but it sure makes it hard to function. But it’s hard to function with a migraine too. Bright light-forget about it!

I always set my chiropractic appointments on days where I can relax if need be. Cause I know without fail what is coming! I don’t know what I’d do without my chiropractor honestly. My adjustments are a must for me. Even with the headache that ensues.

That’s life. We do what we have to, in order to live the best life that we can. It’s not always peaches and cream. That’s alright. I hang in there, cause not every day is a bad one.

8 thoughts on “Migraines-What a Pain in the Ass”

      1. You’re lucky if it only happens a few times. I’ve had that happen while driving… Not pretty at all. I have to pull over turn the A/C on full blast, drink something cold, and close my eyes until it passes. I would never put another persons life in jeoaprdy while driving.