World War II and Role Reversal

During wartime women were the workforce while the men were off fighting. Once the war was over, women were forced out of the workplace and back as full-time homemakers.

It was a bad situation that changed everything. It was truly the epitome of the domino effect. It was a challenging time for all. For the men that made it home and for the women that held down the fort while the men were away. Roles changed and then changed back. I cannot even imagine what this was like for anyone at that time. One thing was certain, nothing would ever be the same.

It was Pandora’s box and once opened, that’s it. It cannot be undone. The 1950s was the true beginning of the feminist movement although it did not have the impact of the 60s and 70s. The 1950s was just the beginning of women finding theirselves and realizing that they were so much more than what they had been conditioned to be for so many years.

8 thoughts on “World War II and Role Reversal”

  1. “Wartime women were the workforce” such a powerful statement of alliteration if I ever saw one Laura! Women stepped up and showed out, period! But the powers that be (oppressive men with money) just cut us off and shoved us back in the kitchen; how degrading to show that we were good enough to fill in but services no longer needed now the men were back. And dont get me started on Black women back then, a whole other subject by itself.

    1. Excellent points!! One movie that moves me is Hidden Figures. True story and it covers the bigotry black women faced at one time. Note-these women were heroes! An amazing story about those times and strong, intelligent black women that made a difference.

      1. Thanks😊
        You know it’s bad when many Black folks never heard of them🙄either, but it’s so many we dont know still. Self education is the key.

  2. What they did was horrible. Women were making money and supporting themselves and their families and they just cut them off and expected them to go back to the kitchen and poverty and dependency

    1. Oh yes! It had to be terribly confusing. One thing I didn’t cover-the women that had to work because they lost their spouse to the war. You gotta wonder what life was like for them. Not just as a whole but having to be sole bread winner in such times.

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