Our Night with Pat Benatar

A week from this past Sunday, I finally got to see Pat Benatar in concert. She did not disappoint. She was simply amazing.

It’s funny cause my friend, Michelle has her own story about waiting to see Pat also. She had the tickets to see several bands and long story short, Pat Benatar was not a part of the line-up when the event was rescheduled.

We headed out early, for dinner and drinks. Enjoying each other’s company as always. Surrounded by others anxiously awaiting the concert. Benatar music playing and everyone singing. That was just the warm-up! Time to head to the concert!

There we are, finally going to see the Queen of rock n roll! We both purchase Benatar shirts, get some drinks and find our seats. Then comes an announcement-NO VIDEO or PICTURES would be allowed.

Me: Huh? What? Huh?
Michelle: Oh yes and I’ve seen this at another concert. They will kick you out.
Me: Phone remained in my lap unused. I was not missing this concert. I grumbled a bit about it but I was not about to let that ruin my experience. (Note-I did get a little video of the encore but my shirt was hiding my phone, so it was a very bad video)

Enter Pat Benatar. Her first song was All Fired Up. My song!! This was kismet. We smiled, we laughed, we sang our hearts out and we cried. It was a fantabulous evening. One of the best.

7 thoughts on “Our Night with Pat Benatar”

  1. Listening to an 80’s station (I like the music from then!) and Pat Benatar came on with “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” And wow, there are some classics that can’t be duplicated. 😀

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