The Apology You’ll Never Get

Sometimes life isn’t fair. Every wrong done to us will not be acknowledged. It’s a fact of life. Let’s face it, some people are never wrong in their own eyes. They lack empathy. Most acts scream this fact. You cannot expect someone that treats people disrespectfully to ever give a sincere apology.

So, what do you do? You forgive them for yourself. Then you forgive yourself for tolerating such behavior. Then you move on.

6 thoughts on “The Apology You’ll Never Get”

  1. Lacking empathy is what my sister does best. However, for all the wrong doings she has done to me, I simply cannot forgive her. Those wounds are still fresh.
    Maybe someday down the road, but not now.
    I had to cut certain toxic people out of my life, she was the biggest one of them all.

    1. You have to do what you must for you. Here’s the things, forgiveness does not mean embracing or welcoming an individual back in. I think a lot of people think it does. Absolutely not! Forgiveness is for ourselves, not for them.