Why do we Apologize for Keeping it Real?

I felt insignificant in my marriage. My ex used the words, I, me and my with everything. Not us. Not we. Not ours. It did not matter that I was right there with him creating a home. Every step of the way. He took all the credit. It hurt me beyond the telling of it. But I tried. It always fell on deaf ears.

After I left my marriage, I had some people point out that I used the word sorry all the time. All the time. I would reply with, “I’m sorry.” It took me a while to break that habit.

I started to realize just how much damage my marriage had on my self-worth. I was lost. But not completely. The old me was still there. Screaming! I realized this after I was out on my own. That the strong woman was always there, she was just dormant.

Yes, I was saying sorry a lot and for things I did not need to be sorry for. There it is! Why do we apologize for keeping it real? Why do we apologize for being ourselves? Why do we apologize for standing up for ourselves? Why?

No more! Those days are done. I will not apologize for standing up! I will not apologize for having my own opinion. I will not apologize for keeping it real. I’ve found out just what I’m made of. There’s not one person on this planet that can make you feel worthless, unless you let them. Never apologize for having a backbone.

19 thoughts on “Why do we Apologize for Keeping it Real?”

  1. This is a very nice article. But I have a question for you. When do you think people should apologize? (Asking because I have a problem with this)

      1. That is true! I found an article about apologizing that has helped me. May I share it with you?

  2. I like how you describe the old you was dormant. Perfect analogy. That is how I felt with my ex-fiance’.
    I rarely had a say in anything. And, the same scenario… “I’m sorry, for this , that, and the other all of the time.”
    That was so unlike me to be this way.
    I’m so very happy that yuor are no longer dormant! I appreciate this Laura so much!!!! ๐Ÿค—

  3. Right on!

    In a minor/petty way, thereโ€™s a man on my office floor who keeps opening his door and coming around corners fast. Weโ€™ve almost bumped into each other several times. Heโ€™s a big younger guy. I always say sorry or excuse me as a reflex and he says… NOTHING! It bugs me. Iโ€™m trying to train myself to say nothing too. ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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