You have now entered the Twilight Zone

I have a nightly ritual after I get off of work. When I get home, first thing I do is sit outside while my dog does her business. Hopefully for the last time of the evening. She is a little old lady, so ya never know.

While she does her business, I like to catch up on my FB, WordPress and Instagram. I see what is going on, find memes and watch videos. Once my baby girl has done her business it is time to soak in the tub. Aww….my favorite part of my night!

I then head to my bedroom. To my comfy bed that has 7 pillows. I get comfy and brainstorm for my blog. So here I am. I lead a pretty boring life most of the time. I’m okay with that. I have my daughter and my dog in my cozy home. I am all to happy to come home. Home is where the heart is.

Today’s blog will have no theme. I’m gonna post whatever tickles my fancy. I’m tired and my brain has now entered the twilight zone. Yup! I’m pretty fatigued. I’m just rattling on about a whole lot of nothing.

If you haven’t deleted me after this post, then I thank ya!

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