Under Attack! The Dive Bombing Continues, Ungrateful Squatters

I was able to get a few more pics of my Squatters. After these pics, I’m retiring as my hobby as an amateur paparazzi has become too dangerous!

I am sure these babies are close to flying the coop. Here is the issue. Their nest is right next to my backdoor. I guess this makes their parents nervous. Okay! I get it. But I cannot even sit outside anymore without them acting batshit crazy!

They start flying at me if they feel I’ve been out there too long. Rude! So I head inside and they dive bomb me the entire time. I’m ready for these babies to leave their nest already! It’s crazy out there! It’s such a beautiful night. It would be nice to enjoy my back porch. But noooo!

So, grow little ones. Fly fly fly away!! Bye bye birdies!

19 thoughts on “Under Attack! The Dive Bombing Continues, Ungrateful Squatters”

  1. Aww, Poor little babies. You feathered neighbors have overstayed their welcome. It should be soon enough when this takes place, by the looks of things. They are so adorable though. I’m gonna miss their pictures.
    But, at least you’ll be able to gain your porch back. LOL!

  2. LOL, remember the famous “Bird Dive Bombs Cat” video from America’s Funniest Home Videos? Same reason there; the parents were trying to protect the babies.

    Gotta wonder about the smarts of building the nest right next to the door though if that was their aim. πŸ˜€

      1. LOL, My grandmother insisted on 5 hummingbird feeders out on the deck of their retirement home. It got to the point that the hummingbirds were crazy also. Too spoiled by and greedy for the food. It was really bad if my grandmother wore her red blouse with white polka dots. πŸ˜€