Escaping Reality and Addiction

This right here, breaks my heart. I have never had an issue with drug or alcohol addiction. That’s not to say I have not partied in my life. I have. But there were things I would never go near. That I never had a desire to even try.

I have experienced my body becoming adapted to a drug. Morphine. I would not say I was addicted. I never took it for a high. It was prescribed to me after my accident. I fought like hell to get off of it. I did not want to be on it. But my body was dependent on it and it took time to wing myself down and then finally off of it. But I did!

I am curious though. Why do some people become addicted while others do not? What is the factor in this equation? I do believe a lot of people start down this destructive path of addiction in order to escape. Never realizing what hell will follow.

Everyone has pain and everyone needs to escape reality from time to time. Some people become adrenaline junkies. Some listen to music. Some get lost in watching movies. Some experiment with drugs and alcohol.

It’s sad that so many lives are turned upside down and inside out from addiction. It all started just trying to escape, just trying to escape reality.

11 thoughts on “Escaping Reality and Addiction”

  1. I have had family members who have and still do battle with addiction. Both my adult children scum to drug addiction. I think what started out as fun got real serious real quick and despite my best efforts they continue to go down this path.

      1. So true. My son is currently in jail so it’s a wait and see when he gets out to see if he is sincere or not. My daughter’s issues are the reason why I am her conservator.

  2. I’m a recovering alcoholic, August 14th is my 4th sobriety anniversary.
    When I drank, I was drinking to escape a great deal of pain. Then alcohol became a device in order to commit suicide.
    I had no idea that I was bipolar, with severe depressive episodes. I just wanted my life to end.
    Finally, by the grace of God and my mother… I was hospitalized. That is when I learned of all the mental disorders I had.
    I am beyond ecstatic that I have never gone back to drinking. I know if I do, I would end up dying.

  3. The reason I never got into drugs or anything addictive is because I hate the idea of being dependent on anything. Like, I don’t want to think about finding a place or time to smoke or do drugs when I can enjoy my time better. But that meant that I had to deal with my problems in other, maybe more subtle, ways.

  4. I have become addicted to things, but not the usual ones. I also have forced myself to stop some of them. One thing I find impossible to give up is sugar and I’ve just decided to live with it. It’s not an addiction in the sense that I need more and more, but if I don’t have some I’ll just think about it all the time.

  5. Heavy topic. I do the occasional one also though.

    The whys… It’s a combination of physical traits and a lack of psychological coping skills. The traits (for lack of a better word) have been documented by medical professionals the last decade. Modest differences in brain chemistry and glands, etc… Who knows what roles that pollution and other environmental toxins might play.

    Lack of coping skills, well that’s pretty well self-explanatory. The bad part is that modern society’s victim mentality is only making this part of the problem worse. We used to glorify rising above things. Now we glorify whining and crying about challenges.

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