Childhood Abuse and the Drug Addict

These statistics are devastating. My heart weeps for these children. Once they become an adult, we can only pray they get the help that they need to heal past traumas.

Drugs and alcohol do not fix existing problems. They only temporarily numb pain. The repercussions from substance abuse can be just as devastating as the reasons for substance abuse.

There are no easy fixes here. Hopefully an abused child does have someone that helps them and loves them through the healing process. We are all too aware that many do not and many slip through the cracks.

Once an adult, it is up to the individual to work through it. If addicted, not one person can help that person. They have to want to help their self. We can only hope that a young person gets the help they need while they are still young and before substance abuse becomes an issue.

6 thoughts on “Childhood Abuse and the Drug Addict”

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  2. It’s sad, but true. Genentics and environmental causes can lead to addiction.
    My father was an alcoholic and an emotional and sometimes physically abusive when I was a child.
    I never wanted to be anything like him, but I became an alcoholic too. Thank God that is behind me now… But the trauma still lives on every so often. Flashbacks are horriblie and can be crippling.

    1. I am so sorry to hear that. It is difficult to live with the memories of such things. Sometimes we can’t see we are on a path until it’s too late. But recognizing it is the first step. You did and you’re doing great. Biggest hugs to you my friend!