Sunday Funday My Ass!

Sunday Funday? Not so much. My day has been one thing going wrong, after another. I head out to get my front lawn mowed. My mower kept stalling. It has been taking twice as long to mow due to this issue. Forward then back only a few inches, this has been the only way I have been able to mow. Now I’m not the most patient person. But this is tedious and would make Mother Theresa lose her shit!

I don’t even get a 1/3 of lawn mowed and the mower quits. I worked on it. I tried everything. I knew it was not due to the battery being low. I was on the brink of losing it. I was soaked with sweat, eyes burning from the sweat in my eyes and now my mower was dead.

I decided to go ahead and get my weed eater from my garage. I grab my weed eater and head back to my front yard. The weed eater wasn’t working. It needed new string. I walk to my backyard and into my garage and get a new thing of string. I get my weed eating done and now it’s time to try and fix the mower again. I just couldn’t quit. I checked YouTube videos and I worked on it until I finally accepted the fact that it was a goner.

Time to look at mowers online. I seriously debated on getting a gas powered mower. Honestly, I do not want to deal with the headaches that come with those. I head to Home Depot and get the same model lawnmower as my last. Hesitantly. I sure did not expect having to shell out $400.00 today. But that’s what I did.

I’m an exhausted, filthy, sweaty mess. The young man helps me load my boxed up mower into my vehicle. I get home and had to carefully pull the box out of my vehicle and wiggle it to my back porch. I finally get my new mower unboxed and set up. I take the battery from my old one and install it into it. Away I go!! This mower was not something I wanted to purchase. But it turns out it works so much better than my previous one which is the same model. I guess my first one was defective. It did not stall one time and I was able to get my front yard mowed in a relatively short time.

Four hours, three bottles of water, one trip to Home Depot later and I was done. Well not quite. I still needed to blow the grass from my sidewalk. Nope! I had enough. That dead grass can stay as is. I had used all of my energy and was starting to feel sick. I headed inside to get some lunch and to soak in an Epsom Salt bath. The rest of my Sunday has been me in my bed with Netflix.

Sunday Funday my ass!

11 thoughts on “Sunday Funday My Ass!”

      1. I’ll be shutting down very soon myself. I got absolutely NADA done today. So, tomorrow is going to be spent cleaning and laundry. Oh, Goodie!!
        Have a pleasant evening, Laura…Enjoy your rest. 😘