The Overrthinker and Anxiety

There are days I’m just fine. Smooth sailing. I can go months like that. Then something will trigger me. Anxiety takes over. I begin to overthink and honestly I break my own heart doing so.

The shoe has always dropped for me. Always. So it’s not all that surprising to think the worst. At least I recognize this but shutting it down is not always easy to do.

I think that like everything else it is recognizing the issue. Once you have, you can work on it. The next step would be to recognize the trigger and assess why something triggers you. Last but not least, to calm the mind when anxiety has taken over. Like I said before, that’s not always easy to do. I sometimes just gotta tell myself to chill. To let go of that which is driving my anxiety. To recognize that I do not control everything and what will be, will be. Then to re-center myself. I’m a work in progress. I accept that.

30 thoughts on “The Overrthinker and Anxiety”

  1. OVERTHINKING IS THE WORST THING EVER! I do it all the time.
    Ever leave a conversation and review every little thing you said over and over in your head until you drive yourself crazy? Then beat yourself up because you think everything you said was dumb or inappropriate? Ugh.
    Anxiety has plagued me forever…until I started grounding – this article may be helpful to you, or not..

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      1. I do walking meditation :). People probably think I’m crazy.

        I love it! Mud therapy.

        Gardening has saved from many anxiety attacks! Just having my hands in the dirt and being outside is so healing.


  2. “just be”

    Sounds simple doesn’t it? We are our own worst enemies. Our minds take over and we think and over think to the point where we have driven ourselves mad.

    The saying “just be” simply means to accept what is…which is to accept things how they are at this very moment. Do not “wait for the shoe to drop”. Do not expect the worst.

    Just be.

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  3. That is very timely for me! I am going through something and that anxiety and overthinking just wears me right out, and sometimes nothing seems to help. And it does seem to be worse at night for some reason. Great post, thanks for sharing that.🙂

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      1. Quite possible. For me this time it was something that happened so suddenly, I wasn’t expecting it at all, now my mind just can’t settle down trying to figure out what happened and what’s going to happen. Never had something hit me this hard before. One more lesson to learn I guess.

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  4. I’m surrounded by overthinkers, so it’s extra difficult because in comparison to them I’m not even the worst. But then when I see “normal” people not doing it at all and just living their lives, I’m like gahhh! I just wanna chill…

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      1. I am. I know. I have a lot to be thankful for. I pray every night but I have not tried prayer when I feel that way. Not sure why. But I will next time. It happens rarely that I can’t shake it off quickly. But it does happen.

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