The Times We Live In

As a kid, school shootings were not something we ever worried about. I wish the world was a better place. I wish every child had the love and support needed to grow into a happy adult one day. I wish those that feel lost and hurt, would think about their strengths and blessings instead of lashing out at others. I wish, I wish, I wish.

The times we live in. How sad is it that we are comforted by the existence of bullet proof backpacks? This makes my heart ache.

5 thoughts on “The Times We Live In”

  1. Bulletproof backpacks😢 my hubby told me the other day it was some shooting happened the other day where a 6 yr old child died. It’s bad when your body twinges when you have to send your kids to school smh

  2. I will say that is one thing we didnt have to worry about growing up…someone shooting up a school especially grade school. By high school the students were engaged in gang fights. I grew in a rough neighborhood yet even there you didnt get random shootings. This is a dangerous world and agree its scary.

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