Don’t Touch that Dial!

Ah yes! Menopause. Such fun! Not!!! That horrid time of a woman’s life when she feels like she is burning from the inside out. When she lays in a pool of her own sweat night after night. When she wakes up with cotton candy hair that has dried after being soaked through the night with sweat. This is hell! You do not want to try a woman during this time of life. Cause she will take a chunk of your ass!

It’s best to suck it up buttercup or face the consequences!

8 thoughts on “Don’t Touch that Dial!”

  1. Not looking forward to that time in my future… The 50’s memes are particularly funny because they couldn’t talk about that stuff at all back then. Everyone had to act like everything was perfect which would make you wanna scream even more I think!! 😀

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