Reality is far Scarier than any Horror Movie

My daughter and I like to watch series about true crimes, mysteries and such. What we see on these shows is far more frightening than any horror movie. These are real people. Monsters do exist. They masquerade as humans.

I wrote a post once about the fascination with serial killers. One series we are watching tonight actually speaks about the why. Which, in my opinion is the reason for the fascination. The psychologists in this series say that psychopaths are born that way. BUT that not all psychopaths turn into serial killers. Environment is a major factor. If someone is born with a chemical imbalance or psychopathy and suffer neglect and/or abuse then things can get very ugly.

I don’t know for sure. I have my theories. One thing I do know. Real life is far scarier than any horror movie.

18 thoughts on “Reality is far Scarier than any Horror Movie”

  1. I like true crime shows too. What series were you watching? there are some really good ones, but they’re all so horrific, but I still watch them because I enjoy true life shows. Pity there so many horrible people in the world, though.

    1. I cannot remember the name of it. Found it on Netflix. One episode covered the Backpack Killer in Australia which was inspiration for movie, Wolf Creek. I will look it up and let you know name of it.

      1. Oh I didn’t know they’re making a movie of that case, I remember seeing a documentary about that case a few years ago

      1. It covers a lot of crimes and talks about psychology. It’s one of the better series in my opinion. I want to know the why. I think they’re explanation is as close to an answer as we will ever get.

  2. I pretty much agree with most of this. Corey Taylor’s quote is a bit of a cop out though (typical of Hollywood). It attempts to bypass the reality that far too many modern movies and TV shows glorify violence and it’s use as a solution to problems. They don’t even make it remotely realistic anymore either. Just because the protagonist is a badass they can walk into a room full of people armed to the teeth and kill them all single-handedly. They jump out of 5th story windows, landing unharmed, dodge missiles and explosions…

    I was outright shocked when I saw a recent episode of the SWAT reboot where one of them was hit in the vest by a pistol round and it knocked the wind out of them, left a large nasty bruise and cracked a rib or two. Compare that with most action shows where the hero gets hit in the vest, says ow, throws off the vest and charges onward.

    Yes, there’s a TON of real world violence in the news, BUT some of it is inspired by violent TV shows, movies, and video games. The Aurora Colorado shooter became obsessed with The Joker after seeing Dark Knight Returns and wanted to be infamous like him.

    I’m NOT saying ban these things, but toning them back and / or some disclaimers at least would be a good idea.