The Adventures of Laura and the DMV

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Adventures of Laura-BMV

Head into DMV and luckily it did not take long for them to call my number. At least I thought so….at first. I take the paper with ex’s signature to get him off of title to van. You know the one that someone at DMV told me is all I needed to do so.

Nope gonna need full divorce decree and it must say I retain ownership of said vehicle.

Me: Okay fine, do I have everything needed to change my name on driver’s license.

Them: Yes.

Me: So let’s get that done.

Picture time-

Them: Oh you can smile, just don’t show teeth.


Sign pad first.

Me: I signed Macaluso

Them: need to sign maiden name. Clear it and sign Venturini.


Pic one-Smile, no go; bangs fell

Pic two-smile, camera rejected

Pic three- smile, camera accepted, woman rejected on account of fallen bangs.

Pic four-no smile, bangs swept to the side, success!

Sit down and sign all five places and she realizes she didn’t change my last name.

Not smiling.

Let’s try this again. Sign five places again and woman comes over to approve everything.

Oh we need signature page of decree with judge’s signature.

Me-not smiling. Are you f%*#ing kidding me?

Go home and take care of some things and when done I gather necessary paperwork.

I’m baaaack!!!!

Go in boom first pic success! It’s like I’ve done this before or something.

Now let’s get van title just in my name.

Them: oh there is a lien on the van. With German American.

Me: it’s paid off

Them: you’re gonna have to go to them and get a lien release.


So I am gonna look at the positive of this. At least I gotta get a new pic. Cause first one came out looking like Maw Barker with a pork chop stuck in my throat. Ugly ugly ugly. Lol!

What ya gonna do? Roll with it.

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  1. What a nightmare! It makes me sick to even think about it! What do they do with people who have piercings and tattoos all over their face?

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