The Shadow

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It is a foggy, damp night. I wander the streets aimlessly. My mind is blank. I have no idea why I am out nor do I seem to care. I just wander. I hear a sound behind me. I quickly turn but nothing is there. I continue aimlessly wandering with no destination in mind.

I hear the sounds of the night. They comfort me. Night is my time. It is my element. I hear my feet on the blacktop as I make my way no where. Then I hear footsteps that are not my own. I stop and for a split second I hesitate turning around to look. But I do turn and look. My heart is now racing. There about a block away, I see a shadow. I turn back around and quicken my pace. My mind that was blank is now seeking refuge, a safe haven. I want to be home. I turn to see the shadow gaining on me. I quicken my pace yet again. I feel like my heart will beat out of my chest. Faster and faster I walk. I turn again and the shadow is just feet from me.

I’m no longer walking. I’m running and screaming. Pleading for anyone to come to my rescue. This cannot be happening. I see my home just ahead. I’m trying to not hyperventilate. I just knew my heart was going to stop. As my feet hit the first step, I look to see the shadow’s hand about to grab my shoulder.

I wake up in a cold sweat. I am still in a panic. I realize I am safe in my bed. I grab my pillow and pull it close to me as I try to calm my breathing. “It was just a nightmare”, I tell myself. Then comes a shuffling sound outside my window. I jump and turn just in time to see a shadow pass by.

-Laura Venturini

14 thoughts on “The Shadow”

  1. Very raw and riveting Laura

    You sense the terrifying esculation but I know this all too well

    The Nightmares you correlate with is very surreal for me and others that ride the constant Roller Coaster Affect.

    Never lose the raw nature and conviction in your deliverance for expression to sake the appeased of others.

    beo i gcónaí le ciontú i do chroí


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