Dreams and the Subconscious

I’ve always been fascinated with the interpretation of dreams. I do believe that a lot of what we dream is our subconscious trying to work through things. But not all dreams.

I dreamt once that I had sex with Arnold Schwarzenegger. After we finished, he got up to go to the bathroom and turns to me and says, “I’ll be back.”

I have never crushed on Arnold. I will admit that I love his movies though. So why did I have such a dream? Spicy food? Could be. It’s more likely that I just watched one of his movies.

A lot of psychologist poo poo the idea that media can influence dreams. I’m not sure I understand why that is. Yes, I feel a lot of dreams are the subconscious speaking to us. But I do feel what we watch and read can influence dreams as well.

Then there’s the really strange dreams that make absolutely no sense at all. What do the psychologists say about those? Spicy food?

How about the superstition of dreaming about falling? You know, if you land, you die. Not true. I’ve dreamt this a few times and hit the ground. Here I am!

I don’t have all the answers about the meaning of dreams. But I do find the topic fascinating!

Dec 2006


40 thoughts on “Dreams and the Subconscious”

  1. Funny, I was trying to tell somebody else exactly that about the cause of nightmares. The subconscious is a bleep, LOL

    Lucid dreaming… Bah humbug. Dream control doesn’t work when your subconscious is determined to screw with you. I got to the point of having dream control after learning to recognize when my dreams didn’t follow reality (different relationships, location etc…). Kicked the utter crap out of a nightmare once also.

    Does my subconscious reward my cleverness and spiritual growth though?? Nooooooo… It just makes my dreams more realistic while equally twisted. 😛

      1. It was awesome. I’d read enough spiritual stuff to understand that if it was MY mind, I controlled reality in it. I went full on anime on the thing that was stalking me. Then my subconscious decides to get cute… 😛

  2. I had a lucid dream where a Billy Idol lookalike approached me as some sort of guide. I get so excited I almost wake myself up, and I ask him if he is someone dreaming out in the world or if he is part of my imagination.

    He looked at me like I was an idiot and replied, “I’m all like…in your head.”

  3. Girl, we sisters definitely in this department💝; I love dream interpretation❤
    We have crazy dreams sure, you can tell those have no meaning but the ones that really are in depth with messages, you wake up and immediately go and look it up; I do anyway.

    Sex dreams are big for me, especially around my monthly- they get hella salacious 😜, all those hormones running amuck phew!

    Some dreams can be so real that I missed them when they’re over, like they were really good. My husband has what we like to call “living life” dreams- dreams where we are living life, a new house, more kids, just enjoying exotic surroundings; he has these dreams more because I guess of his biological drive to provide for his family.

    I on the other hand have more spiritual dreams- astral projection, etc.

    But NEVER Arnold, never *shivers*😂😂😂😂

    1. Yes!! I like to look up meanings!! Girrrl it’s been a long time since I had a sex dream. Or one worth remembering! 😂😂😂

      Astral projection fascinates me. I really think I experienced this once.

  4. Dreams are one of my favorite topics! I even blog about some of my dreams. I love your dream about Arnold! Too funny! I have a lot of sex dreams, especially regarding celebrities, but not necessarily the ones I like in that way. My theory is that we’ve had these people “pushed” on us by the media and that infiltrates our subconscious. Whether we want it to or not! Most recently I’ve had lucid dreams where I know I’m dreaming, but I still can’t control what’s going on. I’ll try, but shit just happens around me anyway. Sort of like real life! 😀 Thanks for this post, btw!

      1. Lol!!!! No!!! 😬


        There was this huge industrial looking room and a bed in the middle of the room… this techno music starts playing and these girls in space age uniform little outfits walk in the room. They’re all dancing and doing everything to the beat of the music. Well, there’s this girl in the bed. She has this little I don’t know what you would call it… kind of like a tight fitting robe, it’s white and kind of see-through. And she has black panties on.

        Some of the other girls get around the bed and the others position themselves around the room. The music starts building to a climax and when it does all the girls cue to a girl in a corner who pulls down a switch. This huge mechanical abdomen of a wasp starts coming down from the ceiling. The stinger is a huge dildo and it’s twisting and turning and pumping like crazy…

        The girl on the bed sees this and starts freaking out and tries to get up but the other girls come and try to calm her down. But she’s freaking out and the stinger gets down far enough for the girls to get and they bring it up between her legs and the girls positioned around her are trying to calm her down and pull her panties off but she ain’t having it.

        Then I woke up 😑😳

      2. 🤦‍♂️ lol!!! Don’t ask me… I have no idea what was stewing in my head when that dream happened…

        I had another one, apparently I had killed a girl in a park and I was sent to death row.

        The dream started off I was being escorted down a hallway through some double doors and I walked into this huge room. The wall facing me had all these tubes from way up. Beside the tubes were little rooms no bigger than a small closet, just big enough to stand in. What would happen was inmates would be put in these rooms. When the tube was cleared, and it was your time, the light above you turned red and a buzzer went off and a little door opened to your right and you’d step into the tube. A metal bowl looking thing came down on your head with a hole on top of it. At the top of this tube was a gun. And it would fire a caliber fast and hard enough to knock everything inside of you out your rear end and your guts would drop to a vat at the bottom under the room. Your body would fall back onto a conveyor belt that went to the morgue for you to be prepped for burial. And the bowl was to keep your head intact and body still so you wouldn’t get messed up by the shot. Some people were fighting from going into the tube but the doors and rooms were designed that the guards could shove you in there if you resisted.

        I remember seeing all the people, hearing the buzzers going off, the guns shooting and I kept saying I shouldn’t have killed that girl..

        😬 I have more dreams if you’re interested lol!!!

      3. Another dream I have no idea where came from…. but it scared me straight lol!!

      4. Just don’t lay on any weird random mattresses 🙂👍🏻

      5. No, sir!! 😑
        How dumb were folks to do that? Just some random dirty mattress in a room, weird lady directing you toward it, watching ominously to see your actions…yeah,I dont know too many “friendly” mattress sales folks who that- they want that sale bad🤣🤣🤣

      6. Well…. mattresses can be as nasty as public restrooms… so I’m afraid not… just not my pleasure lol!!

      7. I eat spicy stuff all the time…. maybe that’s it. No more spicy stuff before bedtime Laura…

      8. Lol!!! I have no idea how, what where this dream came from. But it was absolutely as weird for me while dreaming it than for those who are reading this lol…

      9. Women will be scared to go to parks and lay down listening to techno 🤪

        I’ve thought about that! Just trying to make them interesting… because I can’t seem to write stories…

  5. Last night I dreamt I quit my job and left the country to be with a man. But we broke up and I returned. When I woke up I thought oh wow I have the whole day to myself now that I don’t have to go to work, but of course I’d better start job hunting.

    Then I remembered none of that really happened.

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