Is he for Real? Bishop Rape Shames the Victims

Let’s blame the victims! Could someone stick their foot up his ass please?

12 thoughts on “Is he for Real? Bishop Rape Shames the Victims”

  1. I hate to say this, but itโ€™s catholic… now I know there are those who follow Catholicism who are awesome people. But most anyone in leadership in that sect is almost entirely wrong.

  2. Given the hardcore anti-religion stance of the website, I *might* be tempted to question if the story was biased. HOWEVER, I’ve heard too many stories like this everywhere from California to Europe.

    If the Catholic Church wants to salvage what’s left of it’s reputation, they need to burn the pedophiles at the stake, get rid of enablers like this and REALLY reconsider the whole “priests can’t marry” thing.

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