The Dark to my Light


Her eyes were fixed. I couldn’t gain her attention. It was almost like she was in a trance. I then noticed her breathing became faster and louder. Then slight trembling of her bottom lip. I called her name but she wouldn’t respond. It was like she was staring at something horrifying. But nothing was there. A tear streamed down her face as she gasped. I grabbed her arm.

I was finally able to break the spell she seemed to be under. She stood before me still shaking and seemed unsure just where she was. She looked around as if she was trying to find something she lost.

We gathered our things and headed to the car. We sat for a minute. I turned to her, wanting to know but not quite sure what to say. Then I hear her speak, “I saw myself. But it wasn’t me. It was like I was in another world. Everything I am here, doesn’t exist there.” She wipes her tears away smearing her mascara further. “What do you mean, what did you see?” She turns to me and says, “the yin to my yang. The dark to my light. Evil. I saw evil.

2019 LA Vent

15 thoughts on “The Dark to my Light”

  1. Brilliantly Twisted Laura

    Sometimes less is more I find that writers can overlapped their focal point to their reception by weighing down with too many layers.

    It’s about quality and integrity of the piece or Segment of your creatively stroke of mastery.

    Love it

    As I said before ” The mind can be vast place of wonder it can also be a prison of ensuffering ” E.O.S

    I absolutely is mesmerized how like myself you are Raw in your deliverance and not only think outside the box but turn that mother up.


    1. Thank you. I like a little bit of scare. Creepy movies. Not gore but a little sinister theme captures me. I think short stories work better for me as my memory would work against me in a novel. Lol!

      1. For me I enjoy immensely cerebral psychological bender.

        My writing is definitely not one for the predictable I love to leave my audience in glazed through intoxicating motion through the black ice effect.

        There is African proverb I will share with you Laura.

        kwa sababu tu maji ni shwari haimaanishi kuwa hakuna mamba anayekaa chini

        just because the water is calm doesn’t mean there is no Crocodiles lurking from beneath

        “Complacency is never acceptable when you become predictable and others can read into your execution of precision.” E.O.S

        Time to reform and evolved just like raw energy does.


  2. That was good. It reminds me of parallel universes. Like alternative worlds where we might be worse off (in her case) or better off (in other cases) than we are in the universe which is our own reality. It says a lot in a few words. Very thought provoking.

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