Jazzy’s Big Fat Chow Chow Head

Right now my daughter and I are on high alert in regards to my fuzzy girl Jazzy. She’s getting her head stuck in everything! First she got it stuck in between my fence and my trellis. Then she got it stuck under my kitchen island and her leg in the wooden stool. Don’t ask me how she managed that!

I had a large branch fall Sunday evening. It was in the path Jazzy walks every day. She walked her route and when she came to the branch, just stood there unsure what to do. I know her eyesight is about completely gone. So we have baby gates up, I moved my small kitchen island against the wall. We watch her closely in the yard. Even closer than before.

I know I can’t complain. She’s 16/17 years old. (Depends on who you ask-long story) I’ve had her since she was 6/7. (Depends on who you ask) I just wish dogs had longer lives. I know it won’t be long. She sleeps more, eyesight is gone, hearing is gone and her cancer. But she still wags that tail and runs around after squirrels and enjoys snuggles. I’m going to enjoy those snuggles while I got ’em.

21 thoughts on “Jazzy’s Big Fat Chow Chow Head”

  1. Omg! She is adorable. Kudos to you for managing your emotions so well at this time. I remember the last time my birds got sick, I was on the verge of tears all the while, till they started recovering. Love your cute floof!😍

  2. I’m so sorry about her health. It’s not easy when our furbabies get old and develop health problems. At the end, my dog couldn’t see either and we were always worried about his safety. Enjoy all the snuggles you can possibly get, she’s one gorgeous furball!xx

  3. She is a precious baby! We have 3 girl chihuahuas (sisters). They will be 10 next month. They are diabetic, insulin shots twice a day and blind. They are worth all the hard work and mischief they get into. We absolutely love everything about them and feel blessed that we still have them. The joy and love they bring out weighs everything else.

  4. Chows are adorbs! She’s a looker🤩 (this dsmn autocorrect wont let my comment be great, keeps wanting to say adorn🤬) it’s funny the things dogs get into, you be like WTF?! All in all, it’s good her tail wags and she seems pretty content given her situation; it’s tough man. Give her a pat on the head from me💝