Your Life, Your Lesson

I believe that everyone’s purpose is unique. Our journey is our own. Not that we can’t share our journey with others, but what we need to learn, to grow, is unique. Don’t look at how others handle certain situations to gather data on how you should act.

Too many people rely on others to guide them in decisions they need to be making for theirselves. Don’t be scared to mess up. Everyone does. Life is like a test. Sometimes we pass with flying colors and other times we fail. Failing is still a positive if we take it as a lesson.

8 thoughts on “Your Life, Your Lesson”

  1. All very true. Everybody from Buddhism to Christianity says the same thing a slightly different way. I’m sure there’s somebody out there that would say don’t be silly, we’re all here to become better people. True in the general scheme of things, but what path that takes varies from person to person. Some may need to learn charity, others courage. Still others may need to learn to control their temper and learn patience. Luckily I’m a redhead and don’t have to worry about that last part…

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