The Sound of Music

Music surrounds me, every single day. I have found so many quotes about music over the years. I’m going to share a few and my thoughts about them.

Kinda…. Everybody has found songs that speak to them. This includes love songs. But that does not mean every single song on a woman’s playlist expresses what she wants and needs in a relationship. Sometimes I just like a song.

Absolutely! Sometimes music can evoke memories and feelings and other times music helps us through things we are feeling.

Oh yes! I can here a song and it can pick me up and make my day flow.

Music is therapeutic. Period.

This is very true. It’s the songs where both the music and lyrics speak to you that will forever be in your playlist!

7 thoughts on “The Sound of Music”

  1. Music is a huge part of my life also. I appreciate all good music, but I only want to listen to happy, upbeat songs at this point in my life. (I grew up with grunge in the 90’s and although I liked it then, too depressing for me now!) Great post, thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

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