Just Thinking out Loud-Rainy, Lazy Days

Usually if I have the day off, I want a sunny day so I can enjoy the outdoors. Some days though, I want it to rain. Today it is raining and overcast. I’m cozy in my home with my blanket and horror movies. Perfection!

Sometimes the rain comforts me. I can’t explain it. I don’t want constant rain. But a rainy day at home relaxing can be one of the greatest acts of self care.

You forget the world. You are having a date with yourself for yourself. No running errands, no work, no paying bills. The world stands still waiting for you to regenerate.


5 thoughts on “Just Thinking out Loud-Rainy, Lazy Days”

  1. I was relaxed just reading this post! Rainy days are super awesome. We had a bit of rain the other day and I had no shame making it a lazy day! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  2. Rain just encases you. It envelopes you in solitude and you start to feel you’re completely in your own world!

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