My Day-Self Care, Pain Management

I had an appointment first thing this morning with my pain management doctor. Both of my Achilles have been killing me for months now. I finally caved today and asked for a Cortisone injection. They also gave me an ant-inflammatory injection. That was my first for the anti-inflammatory. Let me tell ya! It burned! Then the site began itching! Bad! I guess I looked pretty funny walking to my car, scratching my butt cheek!

Rest of my day I will be resting. Though I do feel better, I can tell I need rest. I try to limit my injections but sometimes I need the help. Today was one of those times. It’s just the way it is. Chronic pain management is not a pretty thing. We do what we have to. I’m curled up, relaxing and enjoying a day of naps, reading and horror movies. It’s my day of self-care.


16 thoughts on “My Day-Self Care, Pain Management”

  1. What pain? I see only a beautiful woman with such lovely eyes. I hope you are doing awesome now and pain is gone. Thanks for posting your pic to make my day. Since morning, its the first to make me happy πŸ™‚ Praying for you to get better soon. πŸŒΉπŸ’•πŸ‘

    1. Thanks doll! Yeah I got used to needles after my accident. I used to get trigger point injections from neck to my buttocks. I lost count once at 30 injections. I was able to replace those with chiropractor. Thank God!

  2. Cheeky lady lol!!!

    Seriously though, I hate it for you but at least it makes you feel better…

      1. I’m glad for you!

        I’m glad you got to the bottom of the matter lol!!! I’m sorry I’ll stop….

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