I have been to the clinic and now at the ER. My dog gave chase and to escape a squirrel ran up my leg and boomeranged off of me. But not before biting my arm.
Good news-Squirrels don’t last long if they get rabies. They die quickly. Doctor says Indiana does not require series of Rabies shots. She said, I could get them but if it was her, she wouldn’t. Cool! So getting wound cleaned (calling it a wound is laughable) and a Tetanus shot and I’m good. Yes! Now I know.
She’s sending me home with literature on what to look for if I go rabid. It can’t be that much different than menopause.

14 thoughts on “Squirrel!”

    1. Lol! Yup it ran up my leg, bit my arm and was gone. It happened so fast. I didn’t realize it had took a nibble until I felt burning and looked and just a little bite. Had people at clinic told me what ER had, I could have saved myself some money and time.

      1. Beware the full moon. Laura will become a weresquirrell 😏

  1. oops… I watched the movie “The Nut Job” and fell in love with that squirrel. Now, I’d have to rethink since he/she dared to bite my favorite blogger Laura.

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