Anxiety and my Backyard

I am experiencing anxiety now every damn time I open my backdoor. Yesterday the damn squirrel and a week before that blood everywhere. My porch was my happy place. I hope it will be again. Right now though it isn’t.

I’m trying to find my goosfraba.


12 thoughts on “Anxiety and my Backyard”

  1. Yous should hire somebody ta whack him. 😉

    Yeah, there are very little good options. Believe it or not, it’s actually illegal in most states to kill or harm squirrels in any way. Around here, they tear up our front and back yard and poop all down the side of our fence. They’ve tried to tear up the neighbor’s awnings too. We’re not allowed to hurt them, but that doesn’t mean I can’t chase em off with a garden hose and spray nozzle

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      1. No, you need a garden hose and sprayer. The little beasts are hard headed and keep coming back unless it’s like the “Drinking from the Firehose scene from UHF, lol

        NOT advocating drowning them or causing real harm. Just letting them know in no uncertain terms they’re not welcome

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      2. Heh, or a pressure washer, LOL.

        The typical answer for that is that you have galvanized metal pipes that have rusted out on the inside and are restricted internally. Not the only cause by any means but the most common. Google ‘water pipe internal restriction’ and you’ll see what the insides of the pipes can get like.

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