Talk is Cheap

As they say talk is cheap! I think sometimes we want to believe in people. We want to believe that there are others out there with hearts like ours.

One thing I have learned is that doing this will lead to disappointment. Every person has issues. You gotta make people accountable for how they act towards you. Period. Hold them to a higher standard. Show me. Don’t tell me. Talk is cheap.

5 thoughts on “Talk is Cheap”

  1. I don’t mind if someone is a stubborn ass and won’t take responsibility. Fine! I’ll just walk away. But what enrages me is when he comes whining after me saying that now he haz teh feels and they are MY FAULT. Wtfff? Get out of here!

  2. Oh so true. And from a whole lot of personal experience, I can tell you the madder they get when you say deeds not words, the more likely that are to be full of it. I’ve been burned too many times not to use actions as a determiner of sincerity.