Thinking Fall, Burgundy Highlights

16 thoughts on “Thinking Fall, Burgundy Highlights”

  1. Very bold and so even keel with Autumn

    Do whatever makes you feel good about yourself to hell what others think.

    “I rather Rise Above then blend in and sugar coat things for the sake of feelings for acceptance of sheep.” E.O.S



      1. Thank you so much

        One thing you will find is I never sugar coat nothing or water down anything for the sake of appeal to acceptance of others.

        Part of my writing and processing allows me to express myself and thoughts helping me work through the constant Roller Coaster I live daily with from Complex C.

        So thank you Laura

        Luas Dia i do thuras

      2. Thank You

        Beacuse if you haven’t notice my writing is very raw and riveting.

        I will never hold nothing back this one of the reasons why so many are cautious around me because I will always say it like it is.

        As the saying goes many approach the water hole for a drink but knowing that either they will live to fight another day or the Reaper has sealed their fate.

        I am the Crocodile

      1. Awesome!

        My wife went for that look for a little while. Wish she stayed with it!!