Fibromyalgia, What we Don’t Tell You

My name is Laura and I have Fibromyalgia. Most people have heard of Fibro but few really know just what it means. Until you’ve lived with something, you cannot possibly understand just what it entails. I’m fortunate that I do not experience a lot of flares. This does not mean I don’t have it or that it is cured. It just means that I know what I can and cannot do. It means I’ve learned over the years how to care for myself to keep my Fibro from exacerbating.

What can I tell you to help you better understand this condition? First let’s talk about the pain. Most of the time I feel like I have the flu. Body aches. I can deal with that. I’ve had 20 plus years to adapt. My good days would be considered bad days by the average person. Then there’s the fatigue. I tire easily. Living with pain is exhausting. I want you to imagine being in an accident. You get your body banged up. You’re hurting. Your body is trying to heal itself. When your body is using its resources to heal, you tire easily. That’s my life.

I have to plan for certain things. If I have an event that requires me to be at my best, I must plan for it. If I do not rest ahead of time, I won’t be able to function as well as I’d like. Well, life does not always work that way. You learn to make the best of every situation. And stress can set a flare off quicker than anything.

Let’s talk about when it’s really bad. Flare-ups. It hits you on so many levels. It hurts to be touched. It hurts to wear constricting clothing, it hurts period. When you flare, you experience cognitive dysfunction and memory impairment. I may know you well and speak to you daily but when I’m flaring, all bets are off. I will forget your name. I know it. I just cannot seem to recall it. These are just some of the things you have to deal with when you live with Fibromyalgia.

Remember everyone is dealing with things they may not always talk about. Be kind. Always be kind. Until you experience something, you cannot possibly understand just what someone is going through. Many blessings!

19 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia, What we Don’t Tell You”

    1. My chiropractor has a theory. That Fibro is caused my leaky gut syndrome. One thing I do is take probiotics and enzymes. Which does seem to help. More and more people are being diagnosed with Fibro. Our food does not have the nutrients it once did. It’s so processed and full of hormones.

    1. The only test I know of is a trigger point test. There’s certain areas of the body upon being touched will cause great pain. I hope you don’t have it but if you do, you can learn to live with it. Much love!

      1. I thought about getting tested a year ago, but didn’t (obviously), now… Because of so many changes with chronic pain, exhaustion, blurred vision, increased headaches, etc, etc… I really want to know for sure now.
        Thank you for sharing this information. 😘

  1. I hear you. I deal with chronic pain and various issues too. And I have to prep for events, plus build in recovery time. There are certain things I just don’t do, but I don’t cry over them ~ luckily, I’m an introvert and enjoy staying home & spending quiet time reading, writing & playing with my cat.

    I do get weary of explaining this to friends though. Yes, I had fun at a thing once, but it took a toll & I don’t want to do it again. So what? Why must fun always be repeated? Why can’t we do a thing once and be happy? Maybe I will blog about that…