Night of the Shifter

Aiden fell to his knees. Trying to catch his breath. There were four officers with their guns drawn. He knew that what was coming was much worse but first he had to survive this. They’d never believe him. They dealt with murders, muggings, rapes, robberies. They knew nothing of the supernatural. Had he not stolen that car, this might have been avoided. But he did what he had to. It was a matter of escaping, of survival.

All he could think about was staying out of handcuffs. They were all fucked if they cuff him and the Shapeshifter catches up to him. Hunter now is the hunted. The word had gotten out that he was there to kill the Shapeshifter. To put an end to his evil reign.

His family had been hunting this particular Shapeshifter for centuries. Many lost their lives in doing so. The hunters of Aiden’s family had passed on their knowledge of every hunt and every creature to the next generation. Aiden had a book that was filled with the knowledge of his ancestors. It was more precious than gold. He kept it in a safe. Hidden from the world. He couldn’t risk it falling into the wrong hands and for all that knowledge to be destroyed.

This particular shifter was first discovered in Romania in the late 1600s. An evil Sorcerer that used his black magic to terrorize. He always managed to elude execution at the hands of the hunters. His magic was powerful. Over time, the hunters learned a thing or two about Shapeshifters. Silver through the heart guaranteed death.

The problem-it’s hard to pinpoint a Shapeshifter. They change forms as often as they can. Luckily the transformation takes hours as you need a sacrifice and time for the metamorphosis to take place. This works in a hunter’s favor once they are on the trail of one.

Aiden is instructed to slowly lay any weapons on the ground in front of him. How does he explain silver bullets? He decides, he won’t. He slowly removes his Glock from inside his jacket and slowly sets it on the ground. He sees a shadowy figure at the other end of the tunnel. He has to remember he has four guns pointed on him. He can’t react. Not just yet. The figure moves in closer. Aiden’s eyes widen. It’s him. The officers turn to see this man right on them. The Shapeshifter disarms each officer with ease. Sending each one to the ground. Aiden grabs his Glock but is quickly disarmed and thrown against the wall. The shifter picks up his Glock. Removes the magazine and lets all of the silver bullets hit the ground. He smiles devilishly at Aiden. He holds Aiden defenseless against the wall using only his dark magics. Aiden is helpless. Unable to speak or move. Aiden notices one of the officers moving slightly. The officer pulls his gun and instructs the shifter to drop his weapon. The shifter is strong but he cannot control more than one person at a time. The shifter turns and forces the officer to turn his gun on himself. That’s all the time Aiden needed. He always carried multiple guns. He pulled his weapon from the back of his pants and began firing. Once that silver enters a shifter’s body, they are defenseless. One final shot. Directly to the heart.

-LA Vent September 2019

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