So I did this Thing

I spent my Sunday cleaning and decorating…..for Halloween. Yes I am aware that it is only September. Do I care? Nope! It’s my favorite holiday and I want to enjoy my decorations as long as possible!

I almost brought this little fella home with me.

Cute huh? I just couldn’t. He’s cute but not that cute. I’ve had enough of squirrels right now. I am ready for Halloween and I am enjoying everything looking festive. Let the bewitching hour begin!

15 thoughts on “So I did this Thing”

  1. You’re like the 5th person I know online who loves Halloween! The other gals I knew about, but I had no idea about you! Cool, you are in good company, because although I prefer Christmas, I do enjoy Halloween decorations, I just bought a light-up black cat at a Flea Mkt a few weeks ago! I like your lantern and skull can’t wait to see more. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh Laura, I’m with you on Halloween being my favorite holiday! I love all the decorations they have in the stores, too. We haven’t really done much since the girls grew up and away, but I’d not mind a Halloween house all year long. haha! πŸ™‚

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