Laugh for the Day-Cacawwww

This really had me laughing. Some people will say a woman is crazy when really all she is doing is standing up for herself. So cacawwww!

3 thoughts on “Laugh for the Day-Cacawwww”

  1. Some men will say anything to get their way. In the middle of an emotional exchange, you might not even realize how crazy he sounds until later. My ex husband said I was a “gold digger” after 20 years of marriage because I ordered a few hundred dollars worth of patio furniture. A guy recently told me I’ve been using him as a “punching bag” for years because he gave me a 10 minute ride to the fair & then I wouldn’t go on a date with him. Wtfff??? You really have to stand back and shake your head!!!

    1. Oh I know it!!! My ex husband put me through the ringer. He did things to provoke me then tell everyone that I was crazy. Well don’t go after my friends, don’t use daughter as ammunition and don’t triangulate people against me. Why I can’t stand the thought of marrying.