Self-care Routines

Everybody has things that they do to care for theirselves. If not, they should. I have a morning, afternoon and evening ritual.

Every morning I start the day sitting outside while my dog does her business. It is a fabulous way to start the day, time with Mother Nature. Afterwards, I soak in an Epsom salt bath to help ward off morning aches and pains. It’s a great way to start the day. That way I can get things done around my house or whatever else needs to get done feeling as refreshed as possible.

I try to take a nap in the afternoon. I’m not always able to do so. Sometimes life happens. I function better if I get a bit of a nap in. Now if I’m experiencing a day with a lot of pain that nap might also include resting my body off and on throughout the day. I’ve learned over the years what my body needs to keep Fibro flares from taking hold of me.

My nightly routine varies. It depends on how physical my day was. If I cleaned my house or worked some in the yard, I will soak again in an Epsom salt bath again. Yes, I know…that’s a lot of bathing. But the Epsom salt helps me immensely with body aches. I do what I have to. I have found that if I try to relax at night with a bad pain flare, I won’t get the rest I need which will exacerbate the pain. I then put Peppermint oil on my neck, lower back and legs. Sometimes, I use cold packs and rice packs on my back. Alternating cold and hot. I then get cozy and work on my blog most nights.

We do what we need to to get through each day. I experienced a trauma to my body at a young age. I’ve had to learn to make time to do these things. It wasn’t easy. These things take time. I used to stress over things not getting done. I still do but not as bad as I once did. I recognize that I can only do what I can do. I also recognize that I can’t pour from an empty cup.

10 thoughts on “Self-care Routines”

  1. Excellent post, Laura! I usually have to take naps due to the chroic pain I have. I wake up, meditate, read some coments, or take on a challenge, then to the shower. Afterwards, I write and schedule, and read. Nap time! Back up to eat a little diner, write, read, meditate one last time, and realx in bed.

      1. Laura, I truly understand. It takes me so much time just to get dressed in the morning or clean. The chornic pain is overbearing at times. If I do too much, I most certainly pay.
        Just take it easy on yourself, alright. 💖

      2. I do. I’ve had years to adjust. I get overwhelmed if I have too much going on. I do still get in that mode of how am I going to do this and this and that? But I step back and just take it one thing at a time. Stress is a major no no for me. It will set off a flare big time. I try to keep stressors at bay. I’m sorry you gotta go through it too.

      3. I hear that. I try to get this, that, and the other done… Thank goodnes for lists. I try to keep up with it, but if I’m overtirred or in pain… The house is not going to explode. I’ll just get to it the following day.
        Stressors, I’ve been pretty good with them with the exception of last week.

  2. Hey girl! I was wondering what type of medicines you take (whether it be prescription or supplements) for your Fibro. If you don’t mind sharing of course! My fb is under Mel Ba Toast if you wanna messenger me privately about it. 😊

    1. I can’t take traditional meds for Fibro. Had reaction. I take natural whole food supplements for irritable bowel. 800 mg Ibuprofen 2-3x daily. Hydrocodone when needed. I try to not take this if I can help it. But I’m not beating myself up about needing it either. Peppermint oil helps a lot!! Chiropractor 2-3 x a month.