Laugh for the Day-Golden Girls, Shoe Shopping

Angelo: Where’s Dorothy?

Rose: She took Sophia shoe shopping.

Angelo: She hates taking Sophia shoe shopping.

Rose: She decided she better go when Blanche and Sophia started talking about whether or not Sophia should wear underwear.

Said it would be funny to scare the shoe salesman.

11 thoughts on “Laugh for the Day-Golden Girls, Shoe Shopping”

      1. Funny and sad. I’ve heard stories of college kid freaking over the innuendo on “Friends”. No idea if it’s true since I couldn’t first hand verify, but if so… just wow.

      2. It is both definitely. TV shows of old had such quick wit with the innuendos that were clever without crossing a line. Today crudeness is the way. There’s a tactful art in the writing with older series. One that I miss.