One Blogger’s World-Finding Inspiration and Healing in Writing

I love to write. I have as far back as I can remember. Having a blog is a bit different than just writing short stories. It is a test sometimes. Definitely challenging. I seek inspiration from many outlets. I spend a lot of time on Google and social media reading. I read poetry, news articles, memes and quotes.

Sometimes inspiration comes easy. Sometimes not so much. I do find quotes tend to inspire me more than anything. To find a quote that speaks to me and roll with it, has become a constant on my blog.

It’s funny that some of these quotes have not only inspired posts for my blog but provided me with an outlet to share some of my experiences. Some have provided much more. Healing. I’ve been on a type of awakening the last couple years.

Figuring out what I want in this life. Accepting some painful truths. Forgiving myself for my blindness. Finding my own voice in many different situations. Recognizing patterns and coming to terms with my weaknesses. I have also discovered my strengths.

I went to counseling for a short time after the end of my marriage. As helpful as it was, it didn’t provide the release that writing has. When you write about feelings and experiences, it makes you think. You find yourself pouring emotions into your writing and you are getting real with yourself. The good, the bad and the ugly.

It’s not easy to share such intimate details about my life. I do not trust people easily. But when I write, it flows. It’s been a wonderful experience for me. It’s played a big part in my healing process. It’s funny. That wasn’t even a thought when I started my blog. A happy and unexpected surprise.

16 thoughts on “One Blogger’s World-Finding Inspiration and Healing in Writing”

  1. I feel the same way, and until I started blogging, I didn’t realize there were so many other people who love and need to write. Your blog is a great inspiration to all of us who feel this way! 🙂

      1. I remember when I first began my blog, and I wrong my about page in segments. I experienced many emotions, but I felt reliefed to get it all out of me. 40+ years of stifling, and it was dripping from me. I felt so free afterward.

  2. I can totally relate to this. I don’t really open up to people, except my parents. I’m not very trusting and have the mentality that few care about what I’m going through or have been through. But here on the blog, this has become my way to express my thoughts and feelings and it’s also a way to self reflect. While trying to share my life experiences with others, I end up seeing how far I’ve come or where I need to improve on my life. Sometimes my posts are pep talks for myself. But blogging really has helped me come out of my shell. So I can definitely identify with how you feel. So happy you’ve found solace in blogging! 😃

    1. That’s true!! Some posts are pep talks. Everyone needs reminding sometime. Life is hard and sometimes we find ourselves in situations we could have never anticipated. It’s funny how we don’t trust but when we wrote we let that go. Maybe we are able to do that because we embrace our truths and don’t give a shit what others think? 💕

      1. I so agree!! I always say that the paper never judges what we put on it. So when we write, we have no fear about being misunderstood and judged the wrong way. It’s our time to let our souls out and it’s like once we release whatever is in there, we are free and fine. I know people won’t always understand what I write, but all that matters is that I released what was within my heart and if it can resonate in the heart of another person on here, that’s the cherry on top!

        Keep sharing your awesome posts, my friend! I truly do enjoy them! Happy Monday to you!! ♥️☺️

  3. Well said Laura a true testament to the Raw You !

    “I always starts with the first step to ascend to the top of the mountain ”

    Writing as words flow from your connection of heart’s fire colliding with your cerebral thoughts.

    For me writing has huge testament in my conviction I will never sugar coat nothing ever…

    Either you intercept and cipher that or not frankly I careless what others think or perceived me. I write for me and love how others are blindsided by my quivering spine tingling anticipation of the unknown.

    I find it exhilarating knowing others are intoxicated and terrified at same schism of proverbial fear from raw and riveting presence of my expressionism .

    Thoughts of creativity are starting potion to casting a spell of words into expression of conviction.

    Just because the water is calm and lingering doesn’t mean there is no Crocodiles awaiting in shadows.

    “I am the Crocodile”

    Luas Dia i do thuras-Laura