23 thoughts on “Wishes”

  1. This is the opposite of me and my ex. He wished me well and I wished him hell– But it’s not what it seems. In the end he was the jerk hiding behind the “well” wishes– sometimes the person wishing “well” is the fake one. And the angry person is genuinely the one who was heartbroken. At least I learned something and am over him now. I wouldn’t even smack him if I had the chance, not worth the energy. 😀

    1. Oh I get it. This was the case here too. The face some show the world is not always one’s true face. I’ve been healing for some time from the repercussions of his acts. Some will have a lasting impact on my life. I can’t hold the pain anymore. It’s coming out and it feels good to let it out.

      1. Well, maybe I do understand… there’s women who don’t think they can do better. So they stay with these guys.

        And I think some women like the pain.

      2. I can agree with that.

        I just remember in my single days how these girls kept a gorilla glue grip on these dudes and it was like them holding onto pure pain… and it was funny… they would never leave a loser for me. But they’d leave me for a loser in a hot second…

      3. True… they were the Xbox’s if their day. I was dot matrix Atari….

    1. Well some people’s egos can’t take someone standing up to them and certainly can’t someone walking away from them. The past came up a lot this week. This line came to me when responding to a comment. Though it’s accurate, it’s just a great line.