An Unfamiliar Path

Change is scary but necessary. Not just in status but in many aspects of life. The unfamiliar can be downright frightening. But if we live in our little boxes, we experience and learn nothing.

Don’t be afraid of change. Be afraid of standing still!

2 thoughts on “An Unfamiliar Path”

  1. I was scared to be alone after 20 years of marriage. We had almost split after 13, and strangely I wasn’t scared then, but excited. Yet, we stayed together 7 more years, which was a mistake, and by then I was afraid ~ also my mother had passed on. Anyway, I’m not happy now, just less miserable. I thought I would find someone new and didn’t. There are good things in my life, but I am down a lot about my relationship and career failures. It could be worse, so there’s that. It’s never good to stay in a miserable place 😢

    1. No it’s not good to stay where you are miserable. Ya know, I thought I wanted someone. But I do not want to repeat patterns. I am finally okay by myself. I’m not scared. What will be will be. If someone comes along great, if not I really don’t care anymore. It’s my time. I was a mom at a young age and married a good deal longer than I should have been. I have had the habit of putting others before myself a long time. I’m not doing that anymore. It feels great!