Food for Thought-Stop!!!

14 thoughts on “Food for Thought-Stop!!!”

  1. I’m old now and I’m not claiming I’ve always been able to do this–in fact, I’ve failed at what I’m about to suggest even recently. And I say this not to be critical because it’s NOT easy! But they had it wrong in the Wizard of Oz. They said, “Love is not judged by how much YOU love, but how much you are loved by others.” Sounds nice. But you can’t control anyone else and waiting to be loved is actually quite selfish. There was a character once in a book I read that I loved. Another character asked him, “Why do you keep loving that woman? She couldn’t care less about you.” And he said,”I love her because I love her. The rest is her problem.” So no matter what it is in life, you get out of it what you put in. Throw the ball at that strike zone, but remember, once it leaves your hand, it’s out of your control. Another metaphor.

    It’s hardest for me to do this with my father and brother–I pull it off pretty well otherwise.

    Don’t stop giving (or drowning)–hanging out there is the ONLY way to go!! Holding back in life just makes you smaller.

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    1. I will always be a loving person but you can’t give to people that take and take and take. It tears you down. It should be reciprocal. It takes two to make it work. One giving and one taking is empty. Knowing you can’t control others is the first step to accepting things for what they are. Then it’s up to you what to do with it. Everyone has their ways. What everyone needs from another is personal. If you don’t get some reciprocation, then you are compromising yourself. Compromise is necessary in all relationships but it can’t be from just one person.


      1. People shouldn’t stay in abusive relationships, that’s true! It’s always strange, really, why people want people who don’t want them anyway! Just move on to someone else and don’t be afraid to take emotional chances. There are good people out there. Lots of them.

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