I Have Things to Do

11 thoughts on “I Have Things to Do”

      1. Absolutely!! My life is not perfect. There are things that I and those I love have to deal with thanks to selfishness of someone. Things that will have a long term impact. It tears my heart out. But thereโ€™s nothing I can do but cross each bridge when I get to it. I decided that I canโ€™t let it eat at me. What will be will be. Dwelling and worrying keeps be chained to a time I walked away from. I wonโ€™t be chained to that time or person. What he has done is on him. How I act is on me. So, yes I take time for me. To keep myself centered. Iโ€™ve got a new life and to live it means letting go of the old one including how I react to the despicable things he has done and is doing.